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  • Should I apply for a debt consolidation loan?

    Debt Vacation's™ debt consolidation loan can abolish multiple credit card and loan payments, due dates, and debt confusion - keeping you on track to pay off your debts faster. When you consolidate your debt, bills stop piling up. You have one fixed rate, and only one bill to pay. If you have missed one or more monthly payments, lenders charge higher interest rates on your overall balance. This destructive debt cycle makes it nearly impossible to pay down your outstanding debt. Transferring your balance from several high interest rate loans to a new, single loan with a lower monthly interest rate (and lower payment) may be a great option. With a debt consolidation loan from Debt Vacation™, you get a single fixed interest rate and an affordable monthly payment. Just one monthly payment!

    Gather up your credit card, medical, and other outstanding bills, and apply today. If you qualify, the sooner you apply for a debt consolidation loan – the sooner you will be 'debt-free'!

  • For a debt consolidation loan to be effective, the interest rate of the new loan needs to be equal to or less than your current debt sources. Additionaly, payments will need to be applied towards principal, not just interest.

    Zero restrictions. You can pay off your creditors, at your pace, on your terms. This is a premium advantage of debt consolidation loans over debt consolidation service providers.

    This varies on a case by case basis. However, it is important to note that bankruptcy affects your credit for up to 10 years, so it is preferable to pay off your debts if at all possible.

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